Music Monday - Gungor's "Crags and Clay"

The book is due in one month, so I have been writing as much as possible, which means the blog is suffering from neglect. I'm hoping to have another new post up today or tomorrow, but in the meantime here is another song I think would be beautiful as a wedding processional.

This song is based on Psalm 139 and draws attention and praise to the Creator of all life. The lyrics are listed below the video, and the song is by the band Gungor.

"Crags And Clay"


The chaos of creation’s dance

A tapestry, a symphony

Of life himself

Of love herself

It’s written in our very skin

All praises to the one who made it all

Who made it all

All praises to the one who made it all

And finds it beautiful

Soil is spilling life to life

Stars are born

To fill the night

The ocean’s score

The majesty

Of sculpted shore


All praises…

Fearfully and wonderfully and beautifully made