The Finish Line (sort of)

'Finish Line' photo (c) 2010, jayneandd - license:

We (my co-author, a.k.a. my mother, and I) turned in our finished book manuscript on Monday. Since then, I have been too busy breathing sighs of relief to get back on here and post. I think I've just enjoyed being away from the computer. My kids and I planted vegetable seeds and played with worms, went to the library, had lunch at our favorite restaurant, cooked out with some dear friends. It has been a good three days of celebration.

Of course, we still have rounds of edits and proofs to go through. But for the next few weeks, I am pretending it's all done.

So now it's back to blogging! I am going to attempt to make a blogging schedule with post ideas for a week or two in advance. Current post categories include: wedding stuff, book reviews, highlights from other blogs and devotional thoughts.

I'm curious about what wedding-related themes I should blog on. So if you have any thoughts, please pass them along. I want this blog to be a help to those planning a wedding, although not exclusively.

Finally, for all who have prayed, written, asked, hugged, and prayed some more--thank you. God has graciously, faithfully done something I never would have imagined two years ago. I have prayed and begged Him to use this book to point others to Himself and to open eyes and hearts to the gospel. May it be so.