Weddings on the Web

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The Council for Biblical Manhood and Womanhood (CBMW) recently launched a new website with both a men's and a women's channel. I have really enjoyed the women's channel and they are currently doing a series on weddings that is definitely worth checking out.

Today's post by Jenny Manley looks into how planning a wedding points us toward the greater reality of "Preparing for the Ultimate Wedding Day." She describes what we do when we plan weddings and how this reflects the working and waiting for our union with Christ. I love this quote:

So, dear bride, prepare for your earthly wedding day.  And as you pick out the dress and the photographer and the wedding cake, remember your calling to prepare even more diligently for that ultimate day.  Preparations are already underway in heaven.

Last week, Courtney Reissig wrote about sex and expectations for the wedding night in a post called, "When the Wedding Night Isn't Perfect."  This is something that is rarely discussed, but super important and I'm so thankful she tackled it (and did so with much grace). Courtney writes:

Virginity is not a down payment on the guarantee of amazing sex. And that’s not the point, anyway. Sex, like every good thing (including marriage), takes work. Contrary to nearly every movie’s breathless, raucous, and perfect portrayal of sex, the reality is that sex doesn’t always end up that way. And when we promise nearly married people that this is what awaits them if they simply hold off until the wedding night, we are doing them a grave disservice.

And a couple of weeks ago I was privileged to kick off the series with my post, "What I Wish I Had Known When I Planned My Wedding."

Stay tuned to the CBMW "Karis" channel for more grace-filled posts on a variety of topics.