How TGCW12 Changed Me

Two years ago right around this time, I found myself waiting expectantly for the audio and video from that summer's Gospel Coalition Women's Conference to be uploaded to the TGC website. I had tried to stream some of it, but that's not always easy in the summer with small children around. So when the various lectures and breakout sessions were posted to the website, I started working my way through them. 

All the messages I listened to were encouraging and firmly grounded in the beautiful depths of the Good News of Scripture, but one in particular God used to change my heart. 

I had never heard of Paige Benton Brown, but her message on I Kings 8 did something to me. The Lord used this message to draw me to thirst after His Word, and to love Him in His trinitarian wholeness. I have recommended it to many people over the past two years, and today I'm posting it here so it might encourage others as well. (Plus, her accent is fantastic.)

This weekend is the second TGCW, and I am so thrilled to be attending. I'm looking forward to time with sisters from around the world, and to the encouragement of gathering together around the book of Nehemiah. 

But the great news is that you don't have to be in Orlando to benefit from the teaching. All of the main stage events will be streaming live, and the recorded audio and video will be up after the conference. If you get a chance to listen in on some of it, I'd love to chat about it, either here on the blog or in person sometime.