Recommended Resource: Hitched in a Hurry

Several months ago I exchanged books with another author, Karley Kiker, who wrote a great guide for couples who want to cut down the typical engagement to a shorter time period. Now that wedding-planning season is in full swing I want to commend this book to anyone who has opened a wedding magazine and been overwhelmed by the timelines that insist you must start planing 12-15 months in advance. Kiker distills timelines and must-do's into several concise lists and explanations, tailored to couples who are looking at a few months to accomplish quite a lot.

What is so encouraging to me about this book is that the author sees marriage, rather than the wedding, as the destination. In a four-month engagement there is less time to get caught up in stressful details as the focus is on the getting married part of the whole thing. You see this respect for marriage in the way she writes about her husband, and even interviews him to get his perspective on engagement, weddings, and marriage. 

If you're overwhelmed with needing to accomplish a LOT in a short amount of time, I commend this resource to you to help relieve some of the stress and allow you to focus more on what matters.