Wedding Parties and Social Justice

This is the final installment of a three-part series about weddings and justice. We have looked at the importance of considering the value of other image-bearers, the way to think through that when buying a wedding dress, and today we will look at practical ways to love our neighbors around the world through our wedding party fashion and gift choices (although these companies offer products for any kind of gift, not just wedding-specific).

When I say "wedding party," I'm talking about the bridesmaids and groomsmen. When I was in the stage of being in a lot of weddings, we were still in the days of everything matching (and costing LOTS of money). But now there are so many choices, and it gives everyone involved freedom to choose clothing and accessories that reflect their individual personalities.

This freedom also opens the door to think about making ethical fashion choices. 

And as a reminder of why this is important--and especially for Christians--here is a short article from The Gospel Coalition on why Christians should care about social justice. The author, K. Edward Copeland, makes the point that "social justice" is not the same thing as the "social gospel." It's an important read to understand why any of this matters specifically to those who follow Christ.

So here are some practical ideas and resources for outfitting your wedding party with purpose:

Bridesmaid Dresses:

Mata Traders - Fair trade fashion made by artisans in India

Elegantees - Ethical fashion made by women in a vulnerable community in Nepal. For FREE SHIPPING use code: cathparks

ModCloth - search "made in USA" to find lots of options made here, where we have more strict guidelines for working conditions

Bridesmaid Accessories:

The Root Collective -  by partnering with artisans in Guatemala, The Root Collective works to minimize gang violence and affirm the dignity of artisans who make gorgeous ballet flats and accessories. And they give back 10% to support nonprofits in their partner artisans' communities.

Noonday Collection - y'all know I'm all about Noonday's mission, which is why I chose to be an ambassador and invest my own time and resources into spreading the world about the amazing work Noonday's artisan partners do. There is something so meaningful about wearing the work of their hands on your wedding day.

Better Life Bags - Rebecca partnered with me ages ago when I had a craft site called "Radical Crafts" to raise money for various causes. Now her own business has taken off and she employs several local women in a mission to support and build up her community. Plus, you can design your own products by choosing fabric and accents. 

Sseko Designs - a brand based in Uganda that employs and empowers women through making beautiful sandals (they even have a bridal collection), as well as leather goods and accessories


Parker Clay - Leather goods made in Ethiopia by women in vulnerable situations (great wallets for groomsmen gifts)

Oliberte - Fair trade footwear from Ethiopia

Zulily - for gals or guys, Zulily often offers products from fair trade brands at a discount (I've seen Oliberte shoes, Toms, Mata Traders, etc.).

Everlane - men's and women's clothing, made in the USA with a transparent business model

*This post contains affiliate links, which means I may benefit from your purchases. Generally these benefits are in the form of product or monetary compensation, which allows me to continue supporting these companies and spreading the love. You are under no obligation to use my links.