Book Launch Day

Today is the day Real is birthed into the world, and I’m so excited to introduce you to this fruit of years of learning and labor.

I’ll be blogging more about the book in the coming days, but I want to start by writing a bit about why I wrote it.

People are lonely. We think we’re connecting, but most of us are looking for deeper connection—for a way to be truly known. At least, that’s been true of me…for years.

We were designed for connection, and, like Adam in Eden, it’s not good for us to be alone. God’s plan is for us to walk through life with one another. We’re meant to connect deeply, to share the good, the bad, the exciting, and the excruciating parts of life.

So how do we get there?

Sometimes, like me, you have to be pushed over the edge and forced to connect. My friends Amber and Trillia, among others, did that for me. But what if no one is pushing you? How can you take the first step to deepen your relationships?

This is the heart behind Real. It’s the story of my journey to connection with others. And the “surprising secret” is that it’s our relationship with God that frees us up to connect with each other.

I hope you’ll join me this week on the blog to learn more about the book. And if you sense a need in your life to connect more deeply with God and others, I hope you’ll give Real a try. My prayer is that God would use this small book to create a grace-proclaiming, sin-fighting community of friends, family, neighbors, and church members.

Get your copy of Real: The Surprising Secret to Deeper Relationships at Amazon, Good Book Co, CBD, and Lifeway.