Strong: A New Book for Boys!

Thanks to so many who have embraced Empowered for their kids and who have sent me messages of excitement about reading Strong! It’s been fun to read letters from girls telling me who their favorite women are from Empowered, and I’m excited that so many girls are looking forward to reading about God’s work in 11 men’s lives as well.

As I finished writing Empowered, I kept thinking how great it would be to write a book like this for boys. I had a few names in mind of men I’d love to research and write about. So, I was thrilled when B&H, my publisher, asked me to do just that.

The team at B&H (including Holly Spangle, Michelle Burke, Dave Schroeder, and Taylor Combs) worked to help me narrow the options to a list of 11 men, and I quickly began the research process. It was a joy to discover more about popular figures like Jackie Robinson, Jim Elliot, and Dietrich Bonhoeffer. But it was also exciting to learn about men I didn’t know of, like Elka of the Wai Wai and George Liele.

These aren’t my stories, but it’s an honor to be given the opportunity to tell them. I hope that as kids read about these men, maybe they’ll find one they want to read more about. I hope it opens up conversations for parents and other adults with the kids in their lives. Most of all, I pray they will learn about the incredible God who made them and is working in their lives—that it’s the same God who strengthened each of these men to live in daily faithfulness.

Thanks again for all the encouragement along the way. It truly is an honor that you would embrace these books for your children. I pray God uses them for His glory!

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