Oh, How He Loves!

'my wedding dress' photo (c) 2008, Katherine Fries - license: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/My favorite thing about writing this book has been seeing the love of Christ as displayed in the symbolism of weddings. We see Him as the bridegroom who leaves his home and goes to seek out his bride to be joined with her. We see in a wedding our own relationship with Christ as we are given new bright clothes to wear and presented to God as righteous. In meditating on these things I am increasingly awed by His love, and increasingly convicted that I do not speak of that love to others as frequently as I speak of more trivial subjects. In the same way this is often true of our weddings. We speak of our selves and represent ourselves, but how trivial we seem in light of Christ's love and work. It is so refreshing to witness weddings that proclaim the love of Christ, rather than only our limited human love.

On this topic, I love the following quotes by Charles Spurgeon from a sermon entitled, "Oh, How He Loves!"

If we were in a right state of mind and heart, we should often say to one another, "How wondrous has the love of Jesus been to us!" Our conversation with one another, as brethren and sisters in Christ, would often be upon this blessed subject. We waste far too much of our time upon trifles; it would be well if the love of Jesus so engrossed our thoughts that it engrossed our conversation too. [...] Such talk as that between the saints on earth would help us to anticipate the time when we shall want no other theme for conversation in the land beyond the river.

O glorious Bridegroom of our hearts, there never was any other love like thine! That the eternal Son of God should leave his Father's side, and stoop so low as to become one with his chosen people, so that Paul could truly write, "We are members of his body, of his flesh, and of his bones," is such a wonder of condescending grace and mercy that we can only exclaim again and again, "Behold how he loved us!"

May our weddings and our lives proclaim this message!