Wedding Planning Resources - Recycling

So we all know planning a wedding can be extremely expensive. You see something you love on Pinterest, then discover just how much it will cost to recreate what you've seen. Even a collection of glass jars can cost big bucks. Now there are a couple of thoughts here. First, remember what is most important--giving glory to God. Yes, we can do this with or without cute mason jars and burlap runners. But you're also throwing a party--a celebration of God's grace in your lives. There is nothing wrong with spending some time and money on this, but once you have determined your budget you will want to stick with it. So how do you create the look you like on a limited budget?

Sometimes you will have to sacrifice certain desires in favor of more practical elements (i.e. five candles on a table rather than thirty). Let's be honest, some of these Pinterest ideas are just way over the top. I mean maybe it's super fun for you to hand-glitter 200 Mason jars, so I don't want to completely knock the idea. But sometimes I think we get a little obsessed with an image in our minds and struggle to be content if reality doesn't live up to it. Sometimes we have to give those things up, and sometimes it helps to find a more cost-conscious way to purchase the things you do really like or need.

Below are just a few of the great websites that offer brides a way to recycle their dresses, veils, decorations, shoes, etc. You can search for various items and buy directly from the seller. I love this idea and wish it had been around when I was planning my wedding. It's also a great way to clean out items from a recent wedding if you're a newlywed.

Ruffled - Recycle Your Wedding

Ruffled is a wedding blog with a section devoted to recycling objects from weddings. The listings mostly contain decorations and fashion items--dresses, hair accessories, shoes.

100 Layer Cake - Marketplace

100 Layer Cake is also a wedding blog with a "Marketplace" section devoted to reselling. It is similar in style and format to Ruffled.

Recycled Bride

Recycled Bride is a huge collection of wedding-related items, including hundreds of dresses from numerous designers. The format is clear and uncluttered and the site is easy to use.

Once Wed - Used Wedding Dresses

Once Wed is another wedding blog with a sellers section, but this one is devoted only to dresses.

There are many other similar sites and a quick search for "recycled wedding" or something related can lead you to them. I thought these four were particularly easy to use and love the clear images of the items for sale.

What are some other ideas for being frugal in wedding planning?