The Whole Spectrum - Episode 3 - Empathy and Movies

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Recently, we had the chance to write an article on the Academy Award nominations and the themes explored in some of the nominated films. In the article, which you can read on the ERLC website here, we discuss how one of the features of some great films is their ability to create empathy in viewers. We enter into the stories of people unlike us, and learn just a bit about what it is like to have a different life. 

In this short episode of our podcast we discuss a few recent films that have given us a sense of empathy and better understanding of others. (And if anyone knows of a good sound editor, I'm in the market, since Erik refuses to edit out my gaffes). 

Let us know what we missed, what you think, or what you think we should tackle on our next episode by commenting below or via Twitter (@erik_parks1 and @cathparks). Thanks for listening!