The Whole Spectrum - Ep. 12 - Winter Recommendations

Back on Sep. 16, we released a podcast episode in which we both listed the movies we were most looking forward to this fall and winter. So on today's episode we reflect on some of the ones we've now seen. 

Some of our top advance picks are yet to be released ("La La Land" for Cath, "Silence" for Erik), so we'll have to report back on those at a later date. 

We both mention articles we've written to expand on the ideas mentioned in the episode. Here are links to those:

Cath on Moana

Erik on Hacksaw Ridge and The Birth of a Nation

Erik on Loving

Also, we tried to keep this episode a little shorter than the others, so if you're blessed with a short commute, this should pass the time well. If you have a long commute, just listen to it on repeat.

Leave us a comment, Tweet (@erik_parks1 or @cathparks), or FB comment telling us if you've seen these movies and what you thought. What else are you hoping to see in 2016?

And if you're looking for a good Christmas movie, here are each of our picks for Top 5 .