The Whole Spectrum - Episode 5 - Ex Machina and Sex/Nudity in the Movies

Last week we posted our Valentine's Day episode, in which we each listed our Top 5 Romantic Films. We got a lot of feedback about our choices, including some good questions about our stance on sex and nudity in movies (see the comments on that post here for more info). In fact, we owe our listeners an apology for not giving warnings about content contained in the films we have recommended. So please forgive us for not being more considerate of the varying convictions of our listeners.

The questions posed in the comments launched us into a weekend-long discussion on that topic, further fueled by a couple of articles that came out Saturday discussing sex and nudity in movies like "Deadpool," and whether or not Christians should view films that have that content. 

So on this episode, we discuss the recent film "Ex Machina" and then dive into a deeper discussion of our personal stance on what we will and will not view. See the links below the audio for the articles we discuss on the podcast.

We both think this is a topic we should wrestle with--not just sexual content in film, but the overall purpose of what we watch. So within that wrestling, we look to other believers to sharpen us and help us see things we might not have considered. We welcome your input and comments as we continue to work through things like this. 

Some Thoughts on Christian Movies and Nudity - Samuel James

7 Questions to Ask Before You Watch Deadpool - John Piper

Sex on the Silver Screen - Tim Challies

Naked Truths - Jeffrey Overstreet for Christianity Today